Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Catalan referendum

Following the recent Catalan referendum independence may be announced in  several days.
here are some sources.

Message from King Felipe- on official monarchy website address to nation 3.10.2017
Spanish Government news.
Government of catalan has official results

UK House of Commons briefing paper - 31 august has usful background on the issues from a British perspective.

BBC news 
Guardian coverage of the referendum
Guardian news stories.
New York Times
Washington Post

Spanish news
El Mundo
El Pais
Van Guardia

Catalonia News
The website is an initiative of the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT),' a public-private partnership designed to foster dialogue and connect the citizens of Catalonia with the rest of the world. ' Its website has news, debates , a timeline of events and background it also includes  academic discussion papers.

also useful Opinion Studies Center which has recent barometers in  (in Catalan, Spanish and English)
LSE EOPP blog 
Chatham house papers and briefings 2014 onwards
Amnesty international discussion police response.
CIDOB barcelonia. search the website for papers and reports.  
Real instituto Elcano- papers and reports

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Kenya Elections 2017

Elections will take place in Kenya on 8th August
Here are some useful links for academic researchers.

IFES has a general background guide to the electoral system and previous elections.
IPU has recent election results . Get access to official information and full text electoral laws from the Kenyan Electoral Commission.

For information on womens participation in the elections se this useful IFES blog about a recently launched social media campaign The #BetterThanThis website includes information about women’s political representation, barriers to women’s political participation

For background information on the state of democracy and human rights in the region see
Human Rights watch reports. 
Amnesty International
Afrobarometer - has reports and polls on Kenyan citizens views of justice and democracy in the region from 2003 onwards.

Newspaper coverage/ blogs
Good starting points for polls, news stories and tracking of the election are

Election observations
useful for assessments of the conduct of the elections.
includes reports on media monitoring for hate speech.